Welcome to Cashmere Music Studio

Welcome to Cashmere Music Studio, your source for finding fun piano lessons and information in the Sioux Falls area. Finding the right piano teacher for your piano instruction is very important.

This site includes connections and information for you to determine and make an informed decision on choosing a music teacher for your child or yourself. Finding piano teachers in the Sioux Falls and surrounding area can be difficult, and making sure that you have the right piano teacher can be even more difficult. That is why Cashmere Music Studio also includes suggestions and links to help you get started with your search. Under "For Students” you can find sample questions to ask a potential piano teacher when you first contact them. You can also read about how most piano teachers receive their piano education and professional training. Other pages help give you an idea about what to expect in a typical piano lesson. Under “About Ruth” you can discover my mission statement, goals, and opportunities you may have through this studio.

Congratulations on making an informed decision and best wishes with your piano lessons!