About Ruth

Welcome to My Page!

A teacher has very important responsibilities to perform. A teacher is responsible in molding the student to an extent. An effective teacher maintains motivation, encouragement and discipline among students. She is responsible for creating an environment conducive to learning, capable of motivating and inspiring, being self-disciplined and organized, communicating well and being enthusiastic about her music and the strong wishes for teaching and instructing.

I have currently over 30 years of piano instruction experience. Having taught all ages, from 4 to 54 at least,I enjoy the process of learning. Developing relationships through instructing has been a strong suit allowing for open communication and personal growth of each student. Low attrition rate will verify this fact along with referrals, should that become important to you along the way in the process.

I am involved as keyboardist in a local praise band weekly, am choir pianist for a local church, play for weddings and funerals, special occasions, business and other events, college graduations, and accompanist for instrument and/or vocal contests and events from local primary to college level schools.

As a member of the South Dakota Music Teacher National Association in good standing, there are guidelines that are to be adhered to for instructing. This membership also allows opportunities for my students in which they would otherwise not be able to participate and personally grow.

The following are my goals for each student:

• Teach basic piano methods

• Teach student how to read music fluently

• Help student understand what he/she is learning and play and why

• Do the very best to bring out the best in my student

Whether or not your child becomes a concert performer, I feel it’s important to empower your child to learn independently and develop a lifelong appreciation of music. The public school education programs have a national standard for music education. My goals and attempts to articulate these most basic skills will provide your child with tools to enjoy music for the rest of his/her life. Some of these skills are:

• Ability to internalize basic rhythms and pulse

• Ability to read – music literacy

• Ability to perform with physical ease and technical efficiency

• Ability to hear the notes on the page

• Ability to work creatively – improvise, compose, harmonize, and play by ear

• Ability to understand basic elements of theory, form, harmony, etc

• Ability to respond to the interpretive elements of the composition to express the emotional character of the music

• Ability to conceptualize and transfer musical ideas

• Ability to work independently and to problem-solve

• Ability to perform comfortably individually and with others in a variety of settings

If you feel these are in alignment with your wishes for you and/or your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me!